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Ryan Medlen

Chapter 19 Mastering EntryPosted by Ryan Medlen on 2017-05-16

Well I suppose what I mostly learned from this chapter is that there is even more layers to music I was unaware of! I never knew that there are specific mastering engineers who put the final touch on tracks before reaching an audience and air waves... Read More >>

Ryan Medlen

Chapter 17 BlogPosted by Ryan Medlen on 2017-05-10

Automation automation automation where to start? This chapter in particular was a challenging one. I had no idea how many things you can automate in a track! When using automation right it can add that final touch to a track that really brings it to life! I love how through slightly changing your levels through out a track you can make it feel like the track is breathing... Read More >>

Ryan Medlen

Chapter 16 ENTRYPosted by Ryan Medlen on 2017-05-10

Ahh finally to the chapter I was patiently waiting for. I bought a mpc awhile back and I've been waiting to make use of it! This was by far my favorite chapter up to this point because I finally got to dive into my own creativity... Read More >>