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Blog Numero Uno Posted on 2017-09-12 by Shamar Kuteyi

WHHHAATTTSS Good everyone! Yo guess what? This is my first Blog ever! Its ok you can clap cheer whatever your heart so desires.

Anyways allow me to introduce myself my name is Shamar Kuteyi and I am a 18 Year old upcoming producer who moved from Toronto to Nashville Tennessee. I am currently working with the incredibly Talented Producer Josh Gleeve AKA my mentor and Friend, I love all music genres  and loving workig with all genres of music  some of the stuff that Josh has me doing is  having me test drive and get Familliar with his rig,  hes given  me tracks to mix just to get a feel of my skills and abilitys and if its your first time in an actual studio like it is mine trust me its not that scary! 

 stay tuned for my sound cloud, Email and other links for y'all to be able to creep into my life and hear the stuff that I mix and produce but also what I create  exciting  I know ummm yeah  

Your boy Sham

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