Clarence StokesNew Jersey Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

Music has been a paramount aspect of my life right from the beginning. Even as a child I can recall rides in the car with dad listening to soul and punk rock to my mother cleaning to house to jazz greats like Charlie Parker and Nina Simone. My siblings listened to everything from disco to dance-pop plus rhythm and blues.

My mother and father were churchgoers so naturally before was a preteen I was exposed to and singing in the choir. Considering I've always had a passion for poetry, I fell in love with Hip-Hop in my early years. I've had the honor of experiencing the true essence of Hip-Hop through my sister, which is 10 years, my senior. She helped me understand music wasn’t just sound or rhythm but culture as well as expression, that it was a movement unto itself. I remember being in diapers watching my sister lay down a cardboard box with the Bboy stereo with the Kango or the bucket hat on break dancing to classics like Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock”.

From then I knew that music was another form of poetry connecting the realism of love, pain, and joy purely by storytelling I finally figured out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I've been writing songs since five years old, R&B, soul, rock, pop, Hip-Hop, rap whatever came to mind. Personally, music to me is the truest expression of self as a reflection of the soul whether it’s addressing the social issues of that time or the internal battle within. The Recording Connection has offered me the opportunity to express the limitless potential of the craft in a professional setting, around experienced professionals that have the passion and are constantly evolving to great levels of skill and competency. As I embark on the journey of becoming an audio engineer it is a surreal yet nostalgic feeling. As a master of ceremonies I'm accustomed to being behind the microphone in the booth recording as well as putting together the whole concept of the track but now I'm the one behind the glass laying the track during the session. I feel it is the perfect fit for me and it opens the door to new opportunities in the world of music. While focusing every single second of the journey I will cherish the moment and enjoy the process.


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