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Week 4 signal flow & podcast Posted on 2018-01-11 by Derek Bradford

This week I was introduced to the Patchbay. We were working in the red room and out task was to Mic the room properply solo.  And with assiatance patch the signal from the Sound room to the Contol room along with the talk back. After successfully routing the mics we started  Gain Staging- adjusting the inut levels on the pre amp to prevent cliping and create coloring .

several Mic checks later we were able to dial in the setting on the pre amp and began recording. 

Doing this gave me a much better conceptualization of how the routing audio works in the studio into Pro Tools 

                                 Siginal Flow is essential to capturing the best quality of your recording.  

                      acoustics - micprphone - pre amp- EQ- compressor - analog/digital converter- pro tools 

The second half of observation our taks was to Mic up a room for a podcast recording.

This was a challenge because we were under a short time limit and for a important client.

The objective was to set the room up with five Mics all placed where the clients would be comfortable, while hiding cables and anyother unwanted equipment. Also we wanted to create a good vibe so the client will be in a comfotable when recording their podcast.


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