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Major: music production

Hey! My name is Sheena Seymour. I am from Mays Landing NJ, originally from MA. In the past I have learned how to play the piano, and I have always thought it a fantasy to be apart of the music industry. I recently left a hospital career to pursue my passion in life, music. I am very excited to start working on making my dream a reality!

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Sheena Seymour

CHAPTER 10 QUIZPosted by Sheena Seymour on 2017-09-05

Things are really starting to make sense! At first when I seen that we have to create a song from a sine wave for an assisgnment, I was like "uhm, is that even possible?!" Then, I watched the video and realized how cool it would be to do! So, I started already and I got some kind of cool sub bass soundinig clip... Read More >>