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Major: Audio Engineering/Producing

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Justin Slaven and at the age of ten I fell in love with creating music. It all started with a cheap Fender Strat I got for my birthday and has accumulated into an entire home based studio with top of the line equipement. I played in a couple of bands growing up and currently make songs as a solo acoustic artist. Recording entered my musical resume a few years ago when I found the sudden urge to hear myself through car speakers instead of the typical radio music. After many years of subtle improvements, I've built a reputation under the nickname of J Slavo and hope to one day own a studio entitled J Slavo Studios. Through the Recording Connection I intend to get my foot in the door at respected studios and have successful engineers/producers get a listen to what J Slavo is capable of.

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Justin Slaven

Lesson onePosted by Justin Slaven on 2013-08-16

Working with John King on lesson one was really cool because he gave me information about the basic knowledge of things such as frequency and decibels that I never thought I would learn... Read More >>