Latest Blog Entries from Oklahoma City Recording Connection Students

Richard Adams

First dayPosted by Richard Adams on 2016-12-16

wendsday was my first day at diamond studio as a student the experience was great i got to see my mentor at work with group "color me badd" reproducing a previous track they have done seeing the flow and everyday life of a working engineer gives me insight on what i could be expecting  for myself in the future... Read More >>

Felicia Atakora

ch 6Posted by Felicia Atakora on 2016-11-04

Felt like there was alot of instrumet miking techniques. Im strating to realize that the online book is teaching me more of live sound than what we and my mentor do in the studio... Read More >>

Arman Sikder

Ahhh the finish linePosted by Arman Sikder on 2016-11-02

Well i just passed this wonderful course with a 90% on my final. It feels good knowing im educated in this field. There are many more things i wish to learn and must learn but i believe all that comes with experience within the studio... Read More >>