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Major: Production

I come from a very culturally strict family where being an artist is something looked down upon, but luckily the people around me always keep me going. I live in Oklahoma, where i began my musical journey. I started in May of 2013 and have been producing ever since. I'm apart of two wonderful music groups, first is MGBz, my solo project, and Partyy Godd, my group project with my friend Kevin, aka. Trapasaurus. My musical taste consists of Deep House, Ghetto House, Electro, Trap, and Hip Hop. I usually try to stay in these categories but im never restricted to go beyond these boundaries. 


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Arman Sikder

Ahhh the finish linePosted by Arman Sikder on 2016-11-02

Well i just passed this wonderful course with a 90% on my final. It feels good knowing im educated in this field. There are many more things i wish to learn and must learn but i believe all that comes with experience within the studio... Read More >>