Andre MurrayOklahoma City Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering/Producer

I go by the name of  Dre’ McNeil

~ In which I’m on a journey to become a quality Recording Engineer as well as Producer . Music has always been the motivation in my life and I want to encourage  and motivate others to enjoy there life as it is; As well as striving for  their dreams.

Never Let someone tell you that you never achieve your Dreams, because I finally made it to my destination .

Now its up to me to continue forward and make sure everyday I’m working to be better than the next person . 

Due to the fact that I grew up in a military background , I have a very diverse up bringing in which it constantly helps me in my  daily musical process . 

I soon hope to open my own record label once I feel that I perfected my craft well enough to start training others around me .


I advise you guys to keep up with me and my journey because I will not let you guys down . 

Stay Blessed ~ Dre' McNeil~ Globally Inclined

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