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Lesson 1 + 2 Posted on 2018-02-11 by Ashleigh Scott

Lesson 1 +  2

Meeting up and working with my mentor was 10x more fun than doing the first and second lesson on my own. I read the material and got some tutoring before meeting up with Joey; it was difficult to picture how things worked going word for word (or pictures/definitions) in a book, I was really over analyzing the technical and spacial aspect of it. During our session, I got much more familiarized from a hands-on stand point. After meeting, I've gone through my 1st and 2nd lesson a few more times now understanding a great deal more (as well as going through Ableton's manual atleast 3 times). I was actually so excited when I got home I immediately put all of my equipment up for sale and bought the Ableton Push 2. One hour with my mentor and it completely changed the game for how I DJ and how I see things. Before this happened, I was having a creative block not knowing how to get my ideas out of my head as an EDM DJ/Producer. Now I can see clearly.









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