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MY First Week Posted on 2017-03-27 by Rafeal Thompson

This week has been mostly filled with excitment and a rejuvinated passion. I get the opportunity to do what I love and make my dream career into a living reality. This week I recieved wonderful insight in regards to allocating sound in a room you wish to convert into a studio. I also learned a new trick using the transient markers on Logic ProX to edit with precision. I also learned the use of modulation to give that binurual pan-type sound in a project. Overall this week focused on the fundamentals in regards to sound and hearing different frequency ranges (basic ear training techniques). We used the lesson based on the the projects that I've completed and/or currently working on. I'm humbled to hear that I'm heading in the right direction and I'm elated for the room of improvment I have as a professional in this industry.

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