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Started as a Dynamic Girl Posted on 2018-04-15 by Alyson Hilland

In the past all my experiences have been with dynamic microphones because I always worked in live sound and events.  After this chapter and meeting with Joey Heier, I learned that there is so much more that goes behind microphones.  Now that I am experimenting more in the recording world and of live sound, I am discovering that there are different elements that can contribute to higher quality performances.  Before Recording Connection I was an amateur that could not begin understanding how a cardoid microphone can only hear from one half of the microphone.  That means: the back and sides of the microphone does not pick up sound at all.  That helps with preventing sound from bouncing back and causing an echo or delay.  You can see the collage I made of the microphones I used during my studio session.  Definitely went from being a dynamic girl to wanting to dabble in condenser microphones.  

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