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May 2nd What Is It To Actually Mix Posted on 2014-05-08 by Thomas White

Unlce Joey broke it down to the core on May 4th he went through signal flow the diffrence between balanced and Unbalanced. He also toched on the diffrence between a tip sleeve and a tip ring sleeve and patch bays. It was an instresting session on how he elaborated with explaing he brought out cables that were identical to the ones in chapter four he went into detail and explaind what a two prong(tip sleeve) cord looks like, and then the three prong (tip ring sleeve) the diffrence is as simple as looking at the rings around a headphone cable or cord that inserts into your guitar and seeing if there are three rings or two, it could not be much simpler. Then we touched on signal flow which is basically a fancy way of saying sound flow, the job of signal/sound flow is a fancy way for sound to come in and record it from the mic to the mixer. But then there was a main topic that  I wanted to touch on What is it to Actually Mix? I asked Uncle Joey, he smiled and told me that was a great question. Going into the topic he told me there is no specific rule, your job at the end of the day is to please the customer if the customer is happy he's happy. One of many advices he gave me was to pay attention to the artist see what there face expression is or how they are feeling about the sound, and the most interesting is after the recording process is done not just letting that artis walk out the door. But keeping him there and helping he or she understand that I can mix this without you but I can't gurantee your gonna love it unless your sitting rite next to me

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May 7th The Most important piece of equipment. Posted by Thomas White on 2014-05-15

On May seventh, Uncle Joey and I toched on the chapter that revolved around microphones. The piece of equipment that adds to the sound of an artist as well as seperates their sound, with all the diffrent types of mics from Dynamic mics Condenser mics to Ribbon mics they all have a certain job that they are meant for... Read More >>