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Session - September 2, 2017 Posted on 2017-09-06 by Daniel Adeyemi

Met up with Joey at Crystal Clear Studios to go over Chapter 8 and to record an actual song of mine. We discussed the importance of the files you save from Pro Tools as well the various formats such the .ptx, .wav and .mov files. Being new to Pro Tools I was worried for the recorded vocals into a session, saving and playing them next day being displeased with what I've done with it. Joey assured that I could revert back to the original vocals and they should be saved under 'Audio Files'. Past experiences with Audacity and manipulating vocals became a stressful process when it came to mixing because once you change it, you can't undo what's saved. After reviewing the lesson we began setting up to record over one of the beats I sent him. Joey wants me to go over my verse but out loud on the mic smh (shakin my head), I set myself up for that one. But overall, today went really well.

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