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Loved this chapter!!! Posted on 2018-01-03 by Michael Bittle

Iv'e always been obsessed with effects. Iv'e always been a big fan of guitar pedals so learning about where these effects came from was very interesting to me. Learning that delay stores the origional sound and replays it at a certain time was very cool to learn, I have never given much thought about how the effects work and to learn that was fun. My favorite effect is reverb, I thought reverb was its own thing before, but I now know that reverb is just a series of delay, which is interesting because I always thought that reverb would be somthing more complicated than that. Also seeing how earlier artist achieved reverb on a track was very interesting because I now know how difficult it must have been to record before digital audio interfaces existed. Seeing echo chambers and learning that musicians used to have to mic a room with speakers and everything to pick up the sound of that room just for reverb really made me appricate having effect pedals/plugins.

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