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Major: Audio Enginering

I am 37 years young, and have been a musician since I learned Louie Louie and the Pink Panther theme on guitar at age 13. I play the bass guitar, classical guitar, flute, keyboards, saxophone and others. My ultimate goal would be the violin, but its so small, I may have to settle for the cello. I play progressive rock, jazz-fusion, punk, metal, psychedelic, electronic, folk, country, electro-pop, and plenty other cross-bred genres. I love sound in a myriad of forms.

My addiction for recording came at age 15 with one of those cassette recorders found in school with the one tiny hole for a microphone. Then came a Tascam 1/4" reel to reel 8 track at age 17. My friend Jubal and I had much fun recording our punk/funk/experimental band for a few years by the Arkansas river in Salida Colorado. At age 21 I got my very own Tascam cassette 4 track and took it very seriously for what it was. At 25 i moved into the digital realm with a Roland 1824 workstation. It was simply a digital version of the tascam as far as editting and mixing capabilities are concerned. Since then I've gotten lots of experience with multitrack recording programs through working with friends but have never had a setup of my own. I've worked with Reason, Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, and Protools briefly while making an album with an alt-country band in an actual studio. I have waited far to long in life to take recording seriously, but that is fine because i still have two thirds of my life left.

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