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back at it Posted on 2018-09-13 by Maxwell Headley

Finally able to do some more work again. Unfortunately the RRFC has lost my profile?! It is back now and im ready to tackle more work. The curriculum is very easy for me and i am alittle confused on how this school really helps you in any way or form besides providing the textbook info for what you learning and connecting you to a mentor. Luckily my mentor is a very genuine guy and very knowledgeable. So any questions i have or any time i want to meet he is open to answering or meeting up. I should take more advantage of meeting with my mentor more but since i have a job and i work 6 days a week it is hard to meet to the required amount a week. however if i meet  for and hour once a day or for 2 hours every other day i will be getting in some solid time.  

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Maxwell Headley

BREAKTIMEPosted by Maxwell Headley on 2018-04-17

New song out called breaktime! if your reading this go to my audio page and check out the track! i have a new session with prince tomorrow and im excited to show him more of my work and get his 2 cencts on my goals and idead for the next few weeks Read More >>