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Hey yall! Im David,Dave, DW or whatever ya wanna call me.... I am a country fried audio engineer. Been in the industry through churches all my life. From the itty bitty to the MASSIVE. From the Behringer X32 to my favorite AVID D-Show.

I have done the dirty work and want to reach the top. I will stop for nothing and learn from all. I am not the best and i honestly belive there is never a point i will not learn. No i said NO engineer is the best. we all learn everyday and i strive to be the best as humanly possible in the industry. 


I love to be in the studio, but my utmost favorite environment is FOH!



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David Watts

first week!Posted by David Watts on 2015-09-23

So far i have attended 1 session. I loved it was a gread environment to learn and was surounded by great engineers. Really enjoyig it so far and the readings and studies are very in depth and im enjoying the sharpening of my knowledge! Read More >>