Teddy Geiger. Gym Class Heroes. The Sunstreak. Chuck Mangione. Lou Gramm. What do these diverse musical acts share in common? They all hail from Rochester, NY. Home to over 200,000 people (with over a million in the surrounding metro areas), Rochester is home to a busy and diverse music scene. In various nightlife hotspots like the East End and the South Wedge district, local and touring acts can be heard regularly playing in venues large and small.

The individuals featured here are all highly-qualified audio engineers and music producers who have been trained in top-shelf recording studios throughout Rochester as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute. Having been mentored by some of the best audio professionals in the business, each of these individuals is committed to the highest standards of excellence and is uniquely qualified to handle any professional audio needs you might have. Be sure to check out their websites to see the services they offer, or to get more information about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection.

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Latest Blog Entries from Rochester Recording Connection Students

Thomas Gilson

delayPosted by Thomas Gilson on 2015-04-23

this week we studied time based effects such as reverb and delay. we have been working with delay and reverb a lot with vocalists, helping add presence to the performance... Read More >>

Thomas Gilson

Plug Ins IntroPosted by Thomas Gilson on 2015-03-03

the beginning to plug ins and processing has been very helpful. i ahve used all these plug ins previously, but now i am beginningto understand exactly what each one does to the sound wave... Read More >>

Holly Markson

Lesson 9&10Posted by Holly Markson on 2015-02-23

Learning ProTools!  This is no joke, at first I was overwhelmed and excited but then after spending hours on my sinewave project I was getting frustrated and found myself yelling at the computer lol (but it was awesome at the same time)... Read More >>

Holly Markson

Lesson 8Posted by Holly Markson on 2015-02-03

This chapter was an introduction to Pro Tools.  Sebastian showed me some basic funsctions and already covered of some of the material in chapter 9 including the 4 modes such as Slip, Grid, Shuffle and Spot... Read More >>