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Major: Audio Engineer

I've been working with music for about two years now, mostly writing/recording for my rap group Alien Euphoria. In the past two years, we have released 42 songs (4 mixtapes, 2 singles), half of which i engineered, and have also played numerous local shows. So far in my career my biggest accomplishments have been opening for Mobb Deep, Waka Flocka Flame and Emilio Rojas, and of course being accepted into the recording connection. I see myself in the next 5 years being one of the industries top performers, as well as a top audio engineer.

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Thomas Gilson

delayPosted by Thomas Gilson on 2015-04-23

this week we studied time based effects such as reverb and delay. we have been working with delay and reverb a lot with vocalists, helping add presence to the performance... Read More >>

Thomas Gilson

Plug Ins IntroPosted by Thomas Gilson on 2015-03-03

the beginning to plug ins and processing has been very helpful. i ahve used all these plug ins previously, but now i am beginningto understand exactly what each one does to the sound wave... Read More >>