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Chapter 10 plugins Posted on 2014-10-29 by Luis Fernando

I'm done with this chapter, got 100% again, and I know I'm the only one reading this and it's because I'm the one typing it, but I like doing it because it helps me keep track or order in what I'm doing, tomorrow I'm going to the studio to review the stuff in this chapter, and I'm going to wait for the assignment because I need a computer, I can't even put the instrument plug ins in mine (macbook air).. next chapter11

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Luis Fernando

Chapter 20 FINALPosted by Luis Fernando on 2015-01-28

I'm done with this audio engineering course, excellent information and even if it's 1 year I feel really prepared and I hope I can use this information in the best way I can, It was excellent working with Mark and I'm checking with the school to see If he can keep giving me the film scoring master classes... Read More >>