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Chapter 18 and 19 Acoustics and Mastering Posted on 2015-01-13 by Luis Fernando

I really think this is one of the most important chapters because is something we really have to work with everywhere we go, I scored a C in acoustics but an A in Mastering so I guess I'm happy with that. I'm gonna be recording the Texas blues band MC and the Mystix for my Final Chapter and assignment, and I already heard their songs, and I consider myself a fan because they have really good playing skills, and Mark my mentor has already work with them and he said that they're really fun to work with because they make everything super easy. I'm gonna post my score from my final quiz and then I hope I can get in the master degree program from the school, this is a great school and I feel really prepared for anything, let's just hope I'm right about that.

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Luis Fernando

Chapter 20 FINALPosted by Luis Fernando on 2015-01-28

I'm done with this audio engineering course, excellent information and even if it's 1 year I feel really prepared and I hope I can use this information in the best way I can, It was excellent working with Mark and I'm checking with the school to see If he can keep giving me the film scoring master classes... Read More >>