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Hunter Rick is a 19 year old in-training audio engineer who has had a passion for audio and sounds ever since he could remember. His taste in genres include EDM, Rap/Trap, Indie Rock, Punk, Folk and Experimental Rock. He started learning how to use his first DAW at 12 years old and the rest is history. Since then he decided he wanted to become a mixing/recording engineer for artists to truly give them the best sound possible. He was born and raised in Vista, California and has moved to San Francisco to persue his dream.

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Hunter Rick

Intro to Protools (Lesson 8)Posted by Hunter Rick on 2018-02-12

This lesson marked the first lesson I had with my new mentor David Hughes of Shine On Studios. We covered the importance of getting a good recording before even beginning a mix, the social aspect of the business, and the basics of protools... Read More >>