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Setting up a session in Protools (Lesson 6) Posted on 2017-12-01 by Hunter Rick

Today I learned how to create a template for protools as well as handle clients requests.

It's always a good idea to get a full idea of the project you may working on first before accepting the request. Ask them what do they sound like, do they have previous recordings you can listen to, and what is their budget. If everything sounds agreeable its time to geti nto more detailed info. Knowing how many instruments and drum pieces in the band is crucial to setting up the mics before the band arrives to have maximum efficiency. Also knowing the key signature and tempo of the song helps as well.

When setting up a template in protools, it is important o have your tracks and mixer channels all properly labeled, grouped and set up. Often times it is a good idea to color code them such as, all percussion is green, all guitars are blue etc. tho not everything will always fit into this scheme. He showed me how to have the signal flow in their headphones be different from when you are creating their rough mix as they play. This way they can still have the levels they need to play together and you can still make your rough mix.

Finally, he said he always puts a limiter on his mixes at the end for the client to hear a rough idea of what their song will sound like mastered.

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