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06/20/2013 Posted on 2013-06-24 by Daniel Canto

Hello Interwebs! 

Last week I had my first hands on experience in the studio and it was an amazing feeling. I had the opportunity to have a session with another student which was great because I got to know how a peer felt about the program. We decided to start at 7:30 PM which I'm so glad we could do because I can have a pretty busy work schedule and one reason I like the program is because we can always try to work around my schedule. 

Once we got settled in and after some chit chat about how are days were we went right into the lesson. Steve asked the other student to mix a song that was previously recorded and I was pretty excited to see in depth on how Pro Tools works. I could see that my peer had a pretty good amount of experience using Pro Tools, which was great because I had a lot of questions. Actually the majority of the session was me asking questions, hopefully I didn't get annoying haha. I must say though, it was pretty inspiring to see what was going on right before my eyes. I felt what we were doing at that moment is something we are going to do the rest of our lives and then realized this is only the beginning.

After about an hour of adding plugins, dropping plugins, filtering this and filtering that my peer felt like the song was in a good place and then Steve took a listen. At this point I'm thinking "Is there really anything we could do to make this sound better?" and of course Steve being so experienced and such a master at the craft showed us what I would think be miniscule details but ended up being important finishing touches. After Steve showed us a couple of things we took a listen again and could really hear the difference.

What I got overall from this lesson is that you should never overlook any detail because everything has its place in the mix. I'm excited to get back into the studio to learn more about those details.





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