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Major: Audio Engineering

Untamed and mostly untrained by conventional means, Ripley is a multimedia artist and multi-instrumentalist with a focus in experiential performance, visual & sound art, and rhythm. Born & bred in New York City with early exposure to keyboard, synth, bells, trumpet, & jazz, set her course for an appreciation of many genres of music; Although at her core is garage rock & soul. With recent studies in Sound Healing Applications, she has begun implementing these fine tuned frequencies of intent within her work, as experienced in her 2014 Soundscape EP: Elemental Seasons of Emotion.

When not supporting other musical acts on tour, she spends her creative time composing & arranging, as well as teaching music through Bay Area Girls Rock Camp.

Completed apprenticeship under Zack Phillips of FreqLab Recording Studio in San Francisco.

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Ripley Jene

Lesson 2Posted by Ripley Jene on 2014-12-19

Today I learned about Basic Electronics. Actually, it felt like a walk down memory lane because my academic background is in Electronics Engineering - so all my days in the lab came flooding back, learning about Ohm's Law and series & parallel circuits... Read More >>