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Major: Music

Hi there,

My name is Sean. Being a musician for some time has always made me interested in learning something new. Starting this program was perfect for me to further my interests in a music career. Surrounding myself with people of the same interests always kept me learning and motivated in the areas of music. People that know me know that I am a hard worker, very talented, and a respectful friend. So if you are reading this dont be scared to ever hit me up because I am always interested in meeting new people and making new friends as well as colleagues in the music industry. Thank you so much.

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Sean Symons

Chapter 2 discussionPosted by Sean Symons on 2017-06-20

Hey guys thought I would do a quick discussion about my thoughts on Chapter 2. Unlike ch.1 this chapter came off a little bit more intimidating because of the pictures of the Atoms and talke of nucleas/protons... Read More >>

Sean Symons

Just startingPosted by Sean Symons on 2017-06-16

Hey everyone I am Sean and I will be trying to keep up my blog with my courses the best I can. In my blogs I will be talking about what i'm learning and some of the things I had trouble with and the conclusions to my answers as I figure them out through my courses... Read More >>