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Major: Music Production

Kemp9ProDuctions started back in the mid 90\'s with a Tascam four-track recording studio and a basement. I put down my first beats, vocals, and arrangements and found a never-ending passion for recording music. Today as things evolve into a new, ever-changing, and lightning fast era K9 bridges the gap between old school recording style and the latest in technologies. We take pride in dedicating ourselves to bringing out the best you have to offer! Here at K9 we offer a platform for you to create the art that only needs the freedom to flow. With decades of experience in live music, songwriting, composition, and learning from the best in today\'s business, K9 will unlock the door to making your music, no matter what genre that might be.

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Ken Kemp

Ch 8 Intro to Pro Tools Posted by Ken Kemp on 2017-08-30

This chapter gives a good bud quick and vast intro to Pro Tools, most of the information I have already discovered through trial and error but knowing the intent of certain key commands makes understanding and navigation much more solid... Read More >>