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Bruce Fugett is a 27 year old musician and music producer. Originally from a small town in Ohio, Bruce moved to Washington in 2011 to immerse himself in the Seattle music scene. Although he has been creating and producing music since he was a teenager, in the past few years Bruce has been focused on taking his skills to the next level, recording more music than ever, determined to leave his mark on the music industry and the world. 

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Bruce Fugett

Lesson 6Posted by Bruce Fugett on 2013-12-02

There's not a whole lot to report for Lesson 6 at Fastback Studios. Due to a last minute change of plans, Mark had a prospective band come in for a tour of the studio so they could decide whether they want to record there... Read More >>

Bruce Fugett

Lesson 5Posted by Bruce Fugett on 2013-11-25

Although my 5th session at Fastback Studios did not involve any actual recording, it was definitely very informative. The focus of this lesson is the different types of microphones and their various applications... Read More >>