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From Rough Beginnings: My Start w/ RC Posted on 2018-02-12 by Matthew Cloutier

Apologies for the delayed first blog post! My name's Matthew Cloutier and I'm a beginning intern at Sky Feather Studios in Burien led by my mentor Alexander Wekell.

My first few weeks in the RC have been a little chaotic like every other aspect of my life. Issues in paperwork, funding for enrollment, and scheduling issues delayed our start but Alex and I soon got to working in the studio. 

My first impression of Alex is that he's incredibly knowledgable and a clear self-starter. I was surprised how many companies, artists and the occasional NFL player have come to Alex for his expertise. Personally I was overjoyed to find he works primarily in FL Studio, my primary DAW for production. I'm hoping to glean as much beat production knowledge as I can from him on the side of my Audio Engineering journey.

The past two weeks I have been out of commission due to an awful cold followed a week later by pink eye (again, typical). Before that, I had the pleasure of working with local R&B and Hip-Hop artist Twyla. She came in to work on vocals from two tracks that Alex and her had collaborated on recently, and to get radio safe versions of work from even further back. That was my first experience watching a professional recording session and I was glad Twyla was in the studio that day, she was a lot of fun to work with and a great artist. Alex says she'll be back for more work soon so I'll have a photo of her in the studio somewhere in the next few posts. 

Healthy now and seeing Alex at Sky Feather again tomorrow. Eexcited to see how far this internship can take me. 

-Matthew Cloutier

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