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Matthew Cloutier

New Live Tracking ApplicationsPosted by Matthew Cloutier on 2018-08-02

Hello again! Matthew from the Recording Connection again. The last few weeks have been very basic chapters preparing me for my midterm, and things have gone quite smoothly! As an intermediate pro tools user, most these chapters were review for me even BEFORE the midterm, but it was nice to go over and refresh myself with the basic elements of Pro Tools... Read More >>

Matthew Cloutier

Back In the Rhythm of ItPosted by Matthew Cloutier on 2018-07-13

Aaaaaaaaand we're back! Things are finally starting to feel normal again. I'm almost caught up for time and chapters lost, and the class discussions every week have been really useful! We went over Chapters 8, 9, and 10 in the past three weeks and I've been relearning the basics of Pro Tools through them... Read More >>

Matthew Cloutier

Turbulent Transition but Finally HomePosted by Matthew Cloutier on 2018-07-13

Hey there, Recording Connection. Let's just say its been an experience. Since last posting, despite my own terrible upkeeping of this blog, my previous mentor at Sky Feather Studios became unable to continue being my teacher, simply due to time constraints and the rapid growth of his studio business... Read More >>