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4/10/15 lesson #9 #10 #11 #12 Posted on 2015-04-22 by Tanice Provo

First day back in the studio after some time off. We went over some of the lessons that i had finished then moved on to mix theory. Mitch gave me a song to practice mixing. Trying to find the right balance of what my ears can hear. What i learned was that there is a million ways to make it sound and it's up to you and the artist to find the right balance. We went over concepts that you can do to give it difference sounds and how to mix vocals so they dont get drowned by the beat or the vocals being overbearing on the song.

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7/10/14- Lesson #7-#8Posted by Tanice Provo on 2014-07-24

Session #4 was a lot of fun! We went over my tests, then headed to the studio to go over some microphone placements. We talked about stereo and mono, recording with certian mics and how you can get the close to perfect sound quality... Read More >>