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Chapter 17 - Automation Posted on 2015-06-06 by Chingas Kemps

Never take for granted how much easier we engineers have certain aspects these days.  When all the DAW wars settle and the dust clears, we can all agree that ALL DAW's today are pretty powerful tools that allow us to do our job in a way that was never possible only 30 years ago.  


The flexibility we have to move pans around, trigger track mutes, raise and lower send volumes and steady a vocal track not only with automation but then to go back into that vocal track and tailer the peaks down just a bit more if we need to...Amazing!  Years ago you'd need multiple engineers, producers and the entire band to each have a dedicated task during mixdown...and every mix went to expensive tape!  Now one lone engineer can make the moves of dozens and as many times as they want!



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