Bo BurlesonSouth Dakota Recording Connection

Major: Ableton Electronic Music Artist

I started playing music in 5th grade for school band. I played drums and percussion until High School. I started playing guitar the same year and played in 7th Grade Jazz Band on the Guitar. I Stuck with guitar over drums and got into it a lot in High School and after playing in garage bands and such. I have played off and on the past few years but have lately been more into Electronic Music production and DJing. I started in 2009 on FL Studio and worked with it a bit more so as a hobby. I decided the last 2 years to get more serious and moved to Ableton Live 9 and have been working with it steadily since last year 2015. Also I have been working with Serato since October 2015 and would like to learn more DAWs and DJ programs and expand throughout the career field. Music has grown on me through out the years and has now become a very essential part of my life and focus and I hope to share as much of mine in the future as possible.

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