Ervin SmithTexas Recording Connection

Major: Audio engineering

Hello my name is Ervin Smith and i am attending the recording connections programs to achieve my goal as a audio egineer, producer and composer in music, film, video games and commercials, my mentor is Rick Rooney he is a genius and has fourty years of experience in the audio engineering business he's showing me some things i had a hard time grasping while attending full sail university, and from my point of view his help and along with this program i was able to learn from a working professional one on one because it was harder to get in contact with anyone to show me any hands on knowledge while i was attending Full sail Uiveristy. I live in Ferris Texas and work overnight at a Wal Mart in Ennis texas fifteen minutes from where I live and im studying and practcing everyday i come home from work, beside from reading the chapters in the book that I was given from the recording connections program i look at videos and tutorials from the recording connections youtube channel and pensados place channel and the avid channel as well from youtube, im even studying everything the book talks about at and

The equipment that i use are a mbox mini which i use for pro tools 12 to mainly mix and master and do some editing and the waves plugins bundle, I even use logic pro 9, logic pro x, garageband 11, kontact native instruments 9, propellerhead reason 8, cubase 8 and fruity loops 12 and sibelius 6 so i can produce edm, house, dubstep, synthpop, pop rock, dance pop, electro hop, orchestral music classical music, r&b, pbr&b, hip hop, trap, funk, neo soul, scores, jazz, and pop, i also study other engineers and composers and producers to see what techniques they use, I also have knowledege in music theory and still study the concept of music theory using musition and aurelia from and also practing at