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Major: Audio Engineering

I have been interested in music since I can remember. When my brother and I were little we got a set of those kids instruments. Since than I was hooked. We used to even make mix tapes in our basement when we were like 5-6 yrs old. lol .

When I was around 13 years old I worked with my father for the summer just so I could buy a drum set. Played up untill a few years ago. I have always liked computers and the integration into audio manipulation. Whuch is probably why Nine Inch Nails is my favourite band.

And now I'm here chasing my dream of working with music and technology hopefully running my own studio one day. 

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Shawn Wait

3rd session Posted by Shawn Wait on 2015-03-22

It was a fairly short session yesterday. We went into more deatil about certain topics discussed in this chapter. As well as talking about gear and certain micing techniques that are preferred and some that are not... Read More >>