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Studio Session 2 07/11/2018 Posted on 2018-07-12 by Jared R Hewitt

Today my mentor met me and helped me to solve some of my troubleshooting issues with recording audio. We went over analyzing tracks from a mix stand point. I had too many plugins open on the separate channels and need to understand the concept of busing and sending.  Tracks may need only one or two reverbs in a project My mixes are always peaking and the resolve is to make sure that the master is always set to 0dB. Kevin said that, when you're producing, "you want your music to go down a road and you want the music to go straight throught." You don't want the tracks to "mask", or causing certain frequencies to sustain into other frequences. I also need to work on organzing my tracks in the mix window. The Drums are typcially first, then Bass, Main Instruments then the color instruements. These need to be spread out or panned to allow room for the vocals. When troublsehooting a mix, make sure that the instruments are not on the sain frequence range and that they are not ducking or sidechaining. Always build projects using a template and check the buffer size. Buffer size relates to the processing of what's played and how it is interpreted. I also learned that I can midi my Motif XF8 through my midi board with a midi cord and play the sounds from the motif into Logic. This will enable me to manipulate the midi and quantize what's played using the Motif sounds. When recording make sure I watch my master gain and use of plugins so I'm not using too much CPU power. 




Multipresser (use presets/Final Pop in Logic)

Compresser - Compresses the dynamic range


Printing: File/Bounce/and replace all tracks save to Flash Drive 

Future Gear:

Behringer (U-phora UMC 1820) Interface 

Beyer Headphones

Activate splice account for samples 

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