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Major: Audio Engineering

Hi, I'm Tyler Stowe. Music has been an interest for me since a young age. My father introduced me to the electric guitar at around age eight or nine and it's stuck with me ever since. I even performed with a band at a school talent show in the 6th grade. There were four of us and unfortunately, the one song we played, sounded like four different songs all at once(laughs). We had fun none the less. This was my first taste of being in front of an audience.

While music was appealing to me as it is to others, it wasn't until after a life threatening illness that it became a passion and possible future profession. Other than music, I like Horror, Sci-fi, Comedy, Action, and Suspense movies and tv-shows. I consider myself an animal lover.

Lastly, I hope to one day create music of my own that others enjoy. Music that can inspire people the way the music inspires me.


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Tyler Stowe

MasteringPosted by Tyler Stowe on 2016-06-28

Mastering is the final step in engineering music. Once the mix is completed, the mastering process begins. It is the process of taking and transferring the recorded audio and adding the final touches that all future copies will be made from and distributed... Read More >>