Mitch VillalvaVictorville Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineer

Father of 6, with a beautiful women who supports every part of this Journey. I couldnt be here today without them, and is the drive I use everday to continue providing for them. I have always had a passion for music and couldnt have found a better program to help me develop my basic audio engineering skills. While I have only sctached the surfice , I cant wait to see how these skill allow me to provide for my family. Just looking for opportunity and never waste time as I vaule everyones time and understand the importance of hard work.

I grew up in Central California in the town of Fresno, biggest little city in the USA. As I came up in the gang infested area you had no real choice but to represent your area or you may find yourself a victim to the streets. While dangerous to many we all still provide big support and pride for our little big city. If you never had a gun pointed at you then you didnt live in Fresno long enough. At 18 I finnally decided to make some moves and leave the town. I became very effective in my current carrer and still run a great team while gaining audio engineering skills on the side. I have lived in every part of California basically, lived in San Diego, LA and the Bay area and love to travel.

While I built a solid repitation in the inventory business I still couldnt get away from music entirely, currenly my 4 daughters are learning Piano, Drums, Starting Guitar, and now are in thier 2nd season of dance. First year for a coulpe who made the competition team. So when I am not working my career, or taking my daughters to dance, instrument classes, I am mixing music for my oldest step son who also has completed the recording conneciton as well. We did it together which was an amazing choice.

Our hope is that music can be the piece we all can be together and not have to be away from each other so much. I would love to leave my current career and pursue music but the bills have to be paid, so for now I am just being patient. Attempting to gain as much knowledge as I can to be able to provide quality mixes that can be heard by the masses. 

Should you need anything feel free to reach me at [email protected] or 760-803-9722, I am ready to help create some amazing music.



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