Christopher BurkeVirginia Beach Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

I was born in California and moved to Pittsburgh, PA at the age of three. I became interested in audio engineering after watching how Ben Burtt created sounds from the environment around him and how he was able to manipulate and mold sound. Ever since then, I have been facinated by the concept. Music has always been very important to me.  I started playing around 16 and half. A couple of my friends and I formed a band together and started playing shows in the area. We started out with the punk genre, but quickly moved on after we had learned more about music and the correct ways to play. I have played guitar, bass, drums, and also did some singing. Guitar has become my primary instrument of choice. Recently I've gotten married and moved down Norfolk, VA. Since then I have chosen to pursue my passion and enrolled in RRF Institue. I am very excited about the future and opportunites it will bring me.

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