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Week 1 In the Studio Posted on 2015-10-26 by Natassia Marchbank

My first week in the studio was focused on basic rules of audio. Mark Sinko took great care to explain the dynamics of sound, how phasing can affect sound (nasal vs. resonant), and how comb filtering can be one of the culprits of not hearing a track, when it's really just out of phase. We also spoke briefly about mic placement, and he created a track for me to begin working on.

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Natassia Marchbank

ConnectivityPosted by Natassia Marchbank on 2015-12-07

This week was amazing. Mark Sinko had a client who laid down tracks and he was beginning on mixing and editing. On Monday we listened to a number of the tracks as they were laid down, and he showed me how he would begin working on the vocals through Melodyne... Read More >>

Natassia Marchbank

Digital AudioPosted by Natassia Marchbank on 2015-11-12

Last week my mentor and I were only able to meet on Monday, as he had a business trip to attend to. We went over digital audio fairly quickly, and then we moved right into the studio to work on the track I've begun editing... Read More >>