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New Plugins Posted on 2019-03-02 by Charlie Frazier

I've recently been focused on the mixing side of music and bought the mixing bundle that Fabfiter has to offer. In it came an EQ plugin, a new compressor, reverb and delay plugins, a saturator, a gate/expander, and a De-esser. I'm learning how to utiize these new tools becase they are a bit more complex than the stock plugins that are offered in Ableton. My favorite of them right now is the Pro-Q 3 for it offers a beautiful interface and allows you to go into great detail when manipulating the frequencies of whatever sound you are mixing and overall is extremely easy and fun to use. I'm still trying to get the hang of the new compressor and compression in general because while I understand what compression is and how it works it's still something I have basic knowledge of. I intend on learning more about it as well as many other concepts and techniques throughout my experiences in the course I am taking and in the studio. I know that I will advance quickly and learn a lot (as I have been over the last 10 months) thanks to my mentors over at Maxmius Music Records. Hopefully I'll be able to improve the quality of my music over time with the decisions and investments I've made recently.

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