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Major: Audio Engineering

Joseph Moore (born August 19,1996) better known by his stagename 202Paradox, is an American record producer/ engineer from Washington, DC. When he was 8 years old the love for music has grown very deeply, and decided to then become a rapper. The time that he started taking rapping more serious was in the fourth grade, by deciding to then take up poetry to advance rap skills. Once he mastered the art of rap, the he decided to move on, and learn how to make beats due to the fact that the cost of beats are very expensive which encouraged him to give it a shot by trying out the software Fl Studio later growing a stronger love for it. When he started making beats it was very easy due to the fact that he already had some musical experience with playing the drums in a band called BWl which stood for Black White Latino group. The only thimg that was hard about making beats was the fact that Joe did not know how to engineer his instrumentals properly to be able to rap over his beats and also help aspiring DMV artist along the way, which encouraged him to sign up for Marion Barry's SYEP program as an audio engineer. During the program there was alot of people that he met with musical talents, `who were all trained by Mr. Brown who claimed to be related to Chuck Brown who is a very taleneted audio engineer that taught us all alot about learning how to operate the mixer board, so that we can set up plays. Once the program was over  Joe decided that he wanted to then start a carrer as a music producer which later down the road lead him to signing up as an Recording Connection student.

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Joseph Moore

Getting Hands DirtyPosted by Joseph Moore on 2016-12-02

Last week when I  went to the studio instead of having a learning session I had a sit in session. During that sit in session would it made it so different from all the other ones was that I did the producing on the track that the people came in to record on which had me excited... Read More >>