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Digital Audio Posted on 2017-06-17 by Dylan Shoemaker

Bit depth, the bit depth refers to the amound of possible amplitude values present in the digital audio signal. Sample rate, the sample rate refers to the amount of pictures taken of a waveform amplitude over 1 second. The nyquist theorem, the nyquist theorem states that the highest frequency able to be sampled is half the sample rate. At 16 bit, one minute of audio takes approximately 10 mb of space on your computer. Audio can be recorded to an external USB 3.0, Sata, Thunderbolt, or Firewire drive. Recording 24 Tracks simultaneously at 32 bit/192k will use about 1gb every minute. In 1976 the fairlight CMI was released, the SMI was the first polyphobic digital sampler. Sequencer, a sequencer was one of the first digital audio devices. it is a device that keeps track of the order trigger events are played in. The most popular digital music format used today is MP3, MP3 is a lossy compressed format and MP3 is not a professional audio editing format. 



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