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Dylan Shoemaker

Protools Posted by Dylan Shoemaker on 2018-01-30

Avid Pro Tools is a DAW, Which stands for digital audio workstation, the 1st version of protools was released in 1991, Digidesign has been owned by Avid since 1995, and Avid has been awarded an Emmy and an Oscar... Read More >>

Dylan Shoemaker

Digital AudioPosted by Dylan Shoemaker on 2017-06-17

Bit depth, the bit depth refers to the amound of possible amplitude values present in the digital audio signal. Sample rate, the sample rate refers to the amount of pictures taken of a waveform amplitude over 1 second... Read More >>

Dylan Shoemaker

MicrophonesPosted by Dylan Shoemaker on 2017-06-14

Types of microphones are Carbon, Condenser, Dynamic and Ribon. Carbon microphones were among the first created, and create voltage through the use of loosely packed grahules of coal like material, Ribbon microphones use a corrugated piece of metal suspended in a magnetic field, voltage is created through induction... Read More >>