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Chapter 18 Acoustics and monitoring Posted on 2016-10-19 by Candice Border

I found this chapter to be very interesting. I learned a lot about acoustics and monitoring them. The history of the acoustics I found to be very helpful in the future when working in a studio enviornment. The production of sound and how it dates back all the way to the 16th century BC and how Pythagoras or known as Nestern and for his theory relating to triangles and musical intervals. I learned a lot in this chapter about where the "listening position" is for the audio engineer and where the speakers should be placed and how the height of them makes a huge difference on how the mix will sound. I just found all the different things very neat and nice to know like the absorption-that sound is absorbed by everything, and I mean even air. I had no idea. All the different acoustic terms such as acoustic attenuation, acoustic impedance and how that is the oppsoition to the flow of sound through some media. I am very excited to have one more chapter left and then the fianal exam and then I will be able to put all my focus and energy into turning in my mixes. It seems as each chapter passes the more interesting they get and I really do enjoy learning all these new terms that are used or knoown in the music industry and how importatnt and helpful they will be when I get out there and start working in this field.

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