Jonathan PasconeAlbany Recording Connection

Major: Post-Production Audio

I have been working from within the Indie Film-making industry from the Sound Department since the end of 2013.  I, more professionally, began my quest in 2015 with an early enthusiasm for composition, and was first hired as Film Composer for the short film, Chasing Embers, Directed by Kewan Harrison. I had found myself engulfed within the collaborative power of sound & picture which encited an urge to become more knowledgable and much more efficient on: Boom, Mixing, Dialogue-Editing, Re-Recording, Dubbing, Voice Overs, ADR, SFX Editing, Foley Artistry, and of course Sound Designing. Now, in 2017, having completed the cirriculum of RRFC, and having the Studio Expirience in tandem with the physical knowledge of sound have found myself as what I refer to as Sound Sculpting. In such a homogizned medium, I see it to be most important to treat Post-Production Audio as delicately and as seemelessly a super tight dialogue! In summation, I am a very effecient and largely passionate Sound Designer with Foley Expirience & Foley Studio Access. I also have a blast designing SFX along with SFX Editing others projects for the final mix team! All and all, I\'m excited to branch out of the confides of Upstate New York on the humble back of RRFC & look forward to anything that might come my way. Do feel free to call or email! [email protected]

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