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Day 23 at the Studio Posted on 2019-01-30 by Matthew Nichols

Today, I went to the studio and I had a blast this morning!  As I walked in, another student was with my mentor and they were discussing the differences between a Sampler and a Sequencer.  Now, what I learned from this was that I understood what a sampler was from his description to the student and it is like the intruments on the keyboard, the drum set is a sample when you play a set on the keyboard from when it was first recorded onto the keyboard.  A sequencer is the instruments on the keyboard playing in sequence to what is being played on the computer monitor.  So I learned the differences between those and as the morning went on, we started to work on my own song which sounds really really good right now so far!

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It is Now Day 24 at the StudioPosted by Matthew Nichols on 2019-02-06

So I just got back from the studio and today, my mentor and I did some music and worked on my original song!  I made some improvements/added some things to the song to finish the basic layout of the song!  I haven't came up with a name for the song yet but I am looking for something that makes sense with the song... Read More >>