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Major: Audio Engineering/Music Production

I'm from alexander (smalltown) NY and have been obsessed with music since I left the womb. I play drums and produce Hip Hop beats yet I dabble on anything I can. I try to study and take influence from the characteristics of everything I see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. It is my goal to contribute positively to the world of music in whatever way I can and hopefully get rid of "artists" like that of Nicki Minaj and Drake, or at least get the public eye focused on that which is real and deserves to be heard.

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Joe Barnaby

New YearPosted by Joe Barnaby on 2015-01-26

Throughout the start of this new year I have very busy between work and going out to the studio with not enough to "blog" after every session but recentely in the studio me and Jim have been working alot in Samplitude along with ProTools... Read More >>