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Lesson #1 Posted on 2014-11-18 by Kevin Yang

My mentor and i went over the test questions when i first arrived. After going over the test i had a list of things i needed more explaination on things like phase, wave lengths, rare-faction, and compression. We also listened to the difference between mono and stereo on old songs by The Beatles and newer songs by artists like Adele. 

Once we finished with all of my questions i met another engineer named Jesse who was involved in a session in another part of the studio. Luckily Brandon was scheduled to have a session with some sepctacular musicians and asked if i wanted to help set up. I helped brandon set up some mics and he continued to explain things in more depth while we were setting up. I got to set up a bunch of different kinds of mics that each did a specific thing while recording. 2 hours flew by and it was time to go i didnt get to sit in on their session but hopefully i will soon needless to say it was a very inspiring exeperince and I'm ready for more. 

Here's a Picture of the set up 


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